Are you a UPSC Aspirant and looking for the website where you can get daily news and editorial analysis from The Hindu and Indian Express? Then you are in the right place, here you will get contents relevant to UPSC exam.

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Love reading books? And want to get the news about new books in the market and reviews of bestseller books? Here you will get all information related to that as well.

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Are you feeling low and seeking for motivational stories, which can further recharge you to take on the next task, then your wait is over here.

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Since 1993

Motive behind this Initiative

Our motive is to help peoples with the UPSC Preparation and Provide them with materials which can help them to reach their goal.

Apart from the UPSC Guidance we also provide peoples with the Book Reviews, Gist of Books, News regarding new books in market and analysis of bestsellers all across the world.

And last but not the least we also publish the motivational stories on our webpage to motivate people to stay on the coarse. They can help you in a huge way to stay driven towards your goal.