11 Marketing Lessons We Can Learn From Apple

Apple is at the top of the list of the most popular tech company for a decade now. Despite having tough competition from its rivals Apple still stays strong in the market and never runs out of customers. What is their secret? If you want to learn something from Apple to increase your growth in the market and maintain stability as long as they are doing, then read on to know more.


Here are the main 11 marketing lessons to learn from Apple-

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  1. Keep it simple

In Apple marketing, the advertisements are straightforward and they don’t fill the spaces with annoying and unnecessary details about the whereabouts of the products. Instead, the ads and other marketing messages only show the product and let it speak for itself. The visuals do it all rather than words.


2. Use product placement

Apple has a huge budget by which it displays and advertises its products on television shows and movies. But any other marketer can start small and first place a product with an influencer who shares it on their social media. Now the seed is planted and you can create more advanced marketing strategies to increase your brand awareness and grow.


3. Leverage reviews

Apple has continuously shown good results by getting user feedback. The marketing strategy is to urge customers to review your product in return for a free sample or a discount. So customers are also happy to give a review and you also benefit from this.


4. Focus on unique value proposition rather than price

Apple company never gets involved in price wars, which is probably the best marketing technique any company can follow. They stick to their prices even if other rival companies are offering the same features at a lower price. They can do this because they focus on maintaining their unique value proposition. They have confidence in their products and stick to what they do.


5. Stand for something

Customers want to know that you represent something. They want some core values that they can see in action to feel comfortable buying and using your products. You have to cater to the beliefs of your audience and let them know that your brand can always be counted on to deliver what they stand for.


6. Create experiences, not products

Apple uses the art of storytelling to make people believe that they deserve a chance to try their products. They create experiences with potential customers rather than just selling the products. The ambiance and environments of the Apple stores say it all as there people can try different Apple products and choose what they want.


7. Speak to audiences using their language

Apple knows how to speak to its customers in their language. It creates a deeper bond with the customers and increases their sales. Apple has found a way to reach customers on a new level that many companies are still not able to figure out. Apple gets to the customers in a way that after using an Apple product, the customers are reluctant to use another anymore.

8. Develop an aura and mystery around what you are doing

Apple has used different aspects of marketing strategies that are to create mystery about what they are doing next with their products. They make announcements through minimal interaction which creates curiosity about the new product. This gets customers pumped up in a way that has them buying whatever the product is.


9. Appeal to emotions

The more visual content, the more it appeals to emotions like happiness, enjoyment, and others, and the more likely that content will be shared with others. This increases their sales and lets them excel in the market with many new and improved products.

10. Use visuals

Visuals work better than words. Advertisements should have lesser words for better influence on customers. And Apple has implemented this great approach in their advertisements. They only have 10 words in the ad which lets the viewers focus on the visuals of the new products that attract them rather than rambling about the details that they don’t care about.


11. Be ready and willing to fail

Failures are not something to be sad about. They keep you going further and further down the path of success. It’s like an investment that encourages more innovation. Apple has shown that they don’t fear failure, they consider it a part of their progress and cope with it better than in the past.


So these were the most important 11 marketing strategies that every company should learn from Apple. They help in building your name in the market and keep you going up the ladder without any obstacles.



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