UPSC 2020-Question Analysis, Trends, and Takeaways

There are many aspirants who were waiting for this blog. Here it is-UPSC 2020-Question Paper Analysis, Trends, and Takeaways

UPSC 2020 Prelims examination came as a shocker for many of us. Although UPSC is already known for surprising patterns, this was way more surprising. This year if you have appeared for this exam you must have felt this.

In the paper of GS-1, there were many questions from the agriculture section, which is usually not given proper attention by candidates. What we can observe from this paper is there where a major chunk of questions based on common basic understanding as well as factual questions.

Current Affairs as usual had high weightage and there were some very direct questions this year. If we see polity questions there were many questions asked from the constitutional framework topic. There were very less amount of questions from ancient and medieval history this year.


SUBJECT Number of Questions
Current Affairs Based19
History and Art&Culture19
Science & Tech10
Indian Polity14
Total Questions100

So, as evident from the above table, there was a major chunk of questions from History and Art and Culture and Current Affairs. This year the paper was total analysis-based. You can’t clear this just by memorizing data and reports published around the year without understanding and absorbing the data.

And, there are many students who are complaining about the nature of this exam instead of working on their weaknesses. My advice to all such candidates will be, guys just focus on your weaknesses and rectify it before the next Prelims 2021 which is to be held on 27th June 2021. Focus more on revision, rather than focusing all your energy on just memorizing new contents/data/facts.

Avoid reading too many books, rather focus on limited resources more revision as suggested by most of the toppers.

I hope this will help in your preparation for UPSC 2021 Prelims/Mains.

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