Do you want to take Anthropology as your optional in UPSC Mains? Here is a short introduction to it.

We all have seen and heard about the popularity of Anthropology among UPSC aspirants. It is popular because of its limited syllabus and high scoring probability.

Selecting an optional subject for UPSC Mains examination is one of the crucial decision for UPSC aspirants. We should think about it before making any decision. Optional, if aligns with your interest makes it easy for you to gain marks. After all, it is of 500 marks in Mains. It can make or break your dream.

Anthropology is an optional subject which’s syllabus has been cut down significantly in UPSC Mains exam. The common perception is that Anthropology is a static subject but looking at recent trends we can’t deny the role of current affairs in this subject as well.

What does Anthropology stand for?

Evolution of Humans

Anthropology is a combined term of Greek Word Anthropos and logos, where Anthropos stands for human and logos for study. That means the study of humans. What makes it different from biology? you may ask. So here is the answer to this question, In Anthropology we study about the biological as well as cultural impacts on humans and their behaviour.

So now you are aware of the term Anthropology and what it stands for. So if have interest in science and likes to read about the peoples from all across the world and their behaviour and even about the generation who had lived on this earth before us so you can opt for this subject. Science students can easily grasp this subject. It will be a big plus for you if you have a biology background.

You have to be well aware of the different terminology given in the syllabus and also have to properly blend your answer with the Diagrams and Flow Charts and Current Affairs(if needed) to make an impact on the examiner.

So as Anudeep Durishetty(AIR-1, CSE 2017) suggests to aspirants who are new to Anthropology to first go through some popular books and check your interest in this subject. You can start with Ember and Ember which provides you with the fundamental knowledge of this subject.

So have a look at that and do share your thoughts in the comment section.

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