Why should You Join Test Series for UPSC Prelims 2020?

Every UPSC aspirant must have thought like whether they should join test series or not. And if join, then which institute offers the best test series. So here I am going to tell you the benefit of joining a test series.

UPSC Prelims Test Series needed or not?

Yeah, it certainly has many benefits. You must have seen multiple videos of toppers suggesting to join a test series. You must be thinking about what new I am telling you. I am not telling you a new thing but I am also going to tell you the practical benefit of joining a test series and regularly appearing for each and every paper according to the schedule. Without missing any.

  • First of all, it helps you in maintaining your mental stability in those 2 Hours of the paper at Prelims. You don’t panic if you have done enough practice through the test series.
  • It helps in streamlining your preparation. You constantly have some kind of pressure to complete the syllabus within time and appear for the test. You should not wait for a complete reading of the whole syllabus instead you should keep practicing the test papers of the syllabus you have already covered.
  • They also give questions from past years which can further benefit you in your preparation. Reading, appearing for test and then feedback is very much beneficial to know where we stand. And to know about our strength and weakness.
  • As we know UPSC Prelims is basically a screening exam. It doesn’t count in the final merit list. But still, if we take an example of UPSC 2016, 1135943 students filled the form, out of that 459659 appeared for the prelims exam. In that 15452 students qualified for the mains exam that year.
  • UPSC Prelims exam is very much about the facts and practice. You can be completely right or wrong. Lots of peoples focus on reading all the time, day in and day out but they couldn’t perform as they wish or deserve. It is because of not enough practice.
  • Just reading all the books and completing all the current affairs doesn’t ensure your success in UPSC Prelims. You have to go through a different variation of questions which are generally asked in prelims nowadays.
  • Many students miss the mains list by 5-15 marks just because they didn’t have enough practice in such an exam like an environment. You can also give test at your home but with due seriousness. You shouldn’t fool yourself in this process.
  • So in order to confirm your seat for UPSC Mains next year, you should go through the multiple kinds of questions. There are many test series which is free of costs like Insight and IAS Baba. They provide good materials and analysis as well.

You can also buy test papers of reputed institutes from Rajendra Nagar/Mukherjee Nagar if you live in NCR or You can also download it from the website free of cost. Many websites offer to download papers for free. They provide the link to download test papers from institutes like Forum IAS, Vision IAS, GS Score, and many others.

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