Why UPSC Aspirant Should Read Newspapers Regularly? Here is the Answer.

Many UPSC aspirants read The Hindu or Indian Express regularly in order to update themselves about the recent happenings all across the world. Reading editorials also provides the aspirant with a balanced view of the Government Policies and Pro and Cons of that as well.

Benefits Of Reading Newspapers Regularly
Benefits Of Reading Newspapers Regularly

But you should not waste lots of your time in reading the newspaper page by page instead, you should first go through the complete UPSC syllabus before starting UPSC preparation and should know the syllabus properly to find the relevant news in the Newspaper.

Not all the news in the newspaper is important for you. You must be selective about your studies. You should read the news which is important for UPSC point of view. You should read the ”lead article” on the Hindu editorial page which provides you with deep analysis of the current topics.

There are multiple benefits of reading newspapers, Some are listed below-

1- You can keep yourself updated with recent developments in India as well as the world.

2- As the latest UPSC pattern they focus more on the questions related to the current affairs and ask the static topics related to that. So in order to solve those questions easily, you should be aware of those terms.

3- You can make notes out of it to revise later. If you have read the newspaper daily then if you buy the consolidated notes of monthly current affairs of the reputed institutes and revise it later you can recall the facts from the memory.

4- You can form your opinion based on the data and facts. You can take a cue from the editorials the positive and negative one. So you can form your own opinion which will further help you with your mains and interview.

5- It will further help you in increasing your vocabulary base, which will make your answer writing impactful.

6- It will solidify your knowledge about contemporary issues and you can better articulate your opinion on these issues.

Apart from this, you should not waste your time on the stuff which is not relevant as per the UPSC syllabus. Sports and Entertainment Pages are not so important, you can jot down the major achievements in those fields only. You shouldn’t give more than 1 Hour for the newspaper. Because you already have loads of syllabus in front which needed to be completed and revised regularly.

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